| Inspire {Trading Time for Wisdom}

[ A humble attempt at true inspiration. Ideas worth hours of contemplation. ]

A true starting point for a complicated and life changing subject. Definitely worth the time to think on these words deeply.
For a long time I was puzzled by the swirling mass of information around inspiration. There are so many "inspirational" pictures, books, music, videos, ideas, etc. But...

One needs only time and effort to breach the innermost core of human existence. Introspection, open-mindedness, kindness, and compassion are the keys and each obtained only with practice. Keys in hand, all the doors of life will simply unlock and stand open before you. - 18:53:42

We have come so far and yet we have much further to go though this is not a cause for concern but rather excitement. Curiosity drives us forward and understanding if incomplete will always lead us to further innovation and a greater appreciation for each other.