| The Card

Connect, buy, or keep up to date with things that are happening. There's more than one way to share with someone your emotions and I'm not partial to any particular one. Tell me what it is you're thinking, show me what you're feeling, or connect with me in whatever way suits you best.

Write a letter and place it in my mailbox.
Post to or follow items on my bulletin.
Peruse items in, purchase from, or share word of my shop.
Listen to my music station and hear the sounds I love.
Watch the things I watch and enjoy something new.
Grasp the things I'm learning and grow with me.
View things through my lens and see an interesting new world.

The world is expansive and limited, peaceful and chaotic, entertaining and boring, unforgiving and opportune. All this to say life is what you decide to make of it. In every facet of life self-control, persistence, and chance are at the core. Feed your curiosity and follow your interests. Fight for the things you enjoy and the people you love. Stand for something or stand against it. Find yourself and find others. Have fun. Live...