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Hi there, I'm Robert McMahan. Let's do one of those story explanations so you can get a feel for who I am as a person. One day, a long time ago, I began realizing that there were things in this world that stood out to me. Things that were otherwise overlooked by people on a day to day basis. It intrigued me for a while. As my curiosity grew my willingness to spend money to capture these moments did as well. Until one day I decided to buy my first camera. When taking photos I was always interested in the unnoticed or the overlooked and extremely curious when it comes to ideas that people threw my way. "You should try this" or "what would that look like" seemed to just drag me further into photography. As my talent for this was evolving I noticed that my love for writing grew as well. It was something that I had been good at for a while and had toyed with in the past, but suddenly it felt that I needed something to offset the draw of photography when it wasn’t quite as pleasant outside. As I was looking at my photos one day I began to notice that these pictures would inspire words and as I wrote I noticed the words spilling out onto the pages would inspire new ideas around concepts I wanted to capture on camera. The two eventually became so interconnected that I decided to create a project. That project I dubbed "Foliagraphy". An art form that took photos and words and combined them so interestingly and passionately that I couldn’t help but want to share with others the things that had poured out of me. From there the rest is history, so they say. Daily, I continue to learn, growing with each new opinion, suggestion, or idea. My curiosity knows no limits and my mind is always hinging further open as the world around me is absorbed into my collective experience. Evolution, at this point, is only natural.