| A Brief Introduction

As a man of many talents there are lots of things I'm interested in, but only a few that I'm actually passionate about. One of the latter is art. Not art in the typical sense though. Art that lives in the middle somewhere between two separate planes of existence. Photography paired with literature. Digital abstracts merged with a photograph. Something about interweaving two mediums to create something completely new and unique makes my brain tingle with happiness. These art forms are labor intensive, filled with emotion, littered with self expression, and bleed out time like an hourglass. As such, I often lose track of sense, time, and willpower right before the day ends and sometimes right after it begins. But, as anyone wise will tell you: It's not about how many times you've failed. It's about how many times you didn't give up. So, with that in mind and with dreams of a bright future in the distance, here I am.

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