| FIvolution {A Natural Progression}

[ Financial independence teachings... evolved. Wise words and tough love from a man walking the path. ]

Looking for a place to start? Aren't we all! Ahem... Lucky for you I've got just the place! People usually start with some kind of introduction, right? I'll take the nod as a gesture of agreement and interest. At your leisure... the button below will take you to where you need to be.

Not just any old list. This, sir or madam, is what it's all about. Piece by piece, this ordered sheet sums up my beliefs and gives a glimpse into what will be discussed here. Though, in hindsight the order is completely meaningless. Numbers teach and bullets kill. Ahaaa~ just click the button.

Wisdom is a product of failure; your own and that of others. Spare yourself and others the pain of mistakes already made: open your ears and listen, widen your eyes and read, broaden your mind and teach. - 23:11:20

The fundamentals. Start with the basics for a solid understanding. Ordered for your convenience. Left to right; just like reading a book.

The core. The important stuff and a good place to focus after you've got the fundamentals. 20 years of knowledge. Very dense, but concise.